'Drunken' the shimmering beauty of Taiwan festivals

While the dishes make the brand, the Taiwanese festivals make this land more memorable in the hearts of visitors than ever.

Besides the popular traditional festivals such as the Lunar New Year, the Lunar New Year, the Mid-Autumn Festival, the Tomb of the Moon Festival or the Dragon's Day ..., there are many typical festivals in Taiwan that have no place to make visitors fall in love. tired.


Special Taiwanese festivals that you should not miss

1. Binh Khe sky lanterns release ceremony (Pingxi)

According to legend: the lantern was invented by Zhuge Liang in the Three Kingdoms period (AD 220-265). Initially, it was used for military communication, functioned similarly to beacon towers and was recognized as the earliest ancestor of hot air balloons. 

In the early 19th century, the lantern festival was brought to Taiwan and at the beginning of the spring planting season, people would release the lantern into the air as a prayer for the coming year. Because in ancient times, marriage was for the purpose of "having more sons" and increasing manpower, so people went to the temple to pray for blessings and drop sky lanterns on it that said things like "May I have children soon. boys ”. and "May a good harvest." Sky lanterns are released by the wind, presented to their ancestors to report that everything is good and to pray for blessings. 


pingxi sky lantern festival - attractive Taiwan festivalPeople write their wishes on the lights (Photo @ bosom9937)


To this day, this Taiwanese festival has grown to become an important annual event on the 15th of the first lunar month and the largest venue is located in the Pingxi (Pingxi) area of ​​Taipei city, Taiwan.

During the Pingxi sky lantern festival, in addition to folk performances, lantern quizzes and street folk festivals held annually, the sky lanterns carry prayers, vows and People's wishes are still the focus of the whole event.

Lanterns lit up, hopes slowly soaring and prayer flames dancing in the air as miraculously transformed into wings of hope and aspiration, is the beginning of happiness and wish dream, so that people can seek the purification of their souls.

At the same time, enjoying the sparkling, fanciful and splendid image of the night sky in this mountain town will also help people overcome cultural barriers, hearts become more in tune and become more intimate. closer.


release pingxi sky lights - shimmering Taiwan festivalThe scene shimmered as the sky lights were released (Photo @gazyakan)


Then, the Pingxi sky lantern festival is not only an attractive Taiwan festival, but also voted twice by Discovery Channel as the biggest New Year's Eve Celebration in the world, making many people admire.


2. Lantern Festival

The Taiwan Lantern Festival is held on January 15 of the lunar calendar, as it is the first night after the Chinese New Year when the full moon and the culmination of the New Year festivities. This is considered the most important Taiwan festival since 1990 until now.

However, according to tradition, during the 16 days from New Year's Eve until the official lantern festival, there is a special celebration. At the same time, on these days, the parks or roads all over Taiwan become a wonderful sight with countless giant lanterns lit up. 


Lantern Festival - fanciful Taiwan festivalThere are bright lanterns everywhere (Photo @jety_fox)


The special thing is that it does not simply have a traditional square or circle, but will depict the zodiac animals to scenes in traditional Chinese folk tales, even technology objects. modern. Students also contribute to the creation of many small lanterns to increase the radiant spectacle of the space.


Feather lamp festival - glamorous Taiwan festivalThe lanterns that sparkle in all shapes (Photo @asumaruco)


The President and Prime Minister of Taiwan will preside over the opening of the lantern festival with the ceremony of turning on the lights and blessings, followed by a fireworks display, performing music and dancing, then everyone will try to solve the puzzles. on the lantern and eat "Yuan Xiao" - a traditional ball-shaped sweet dessert made from sticky rice, symbolizing family unity that brings the whole family and enjoy the joyful atmosphere of the festival.

Furthermore, this Taiwan festival will not be held in a fixed location, but each year there will be a different point: one year in Chiayi, another year in Taichung, another year in Pingtung ... so if you want to If you attend, please follow the homepage of the festival.

3. Yanshui Beehive Fireworks Festival

While much of Asia or the closest Taipei people believe red decorations or sky lights can bring good luck in the new year, locals in Yanshui and Tainan say that The more times you get hit by a missile, the better.

Therefore, during the first fifteen days of the first lunar month, this strange Taiwanese festival will take place. Meanwhile, in the evening, the district will launch millions of fireworks directly into the eager crowd. Thousands of people wearing helmets and protective gear, or motorcyclists and taking a can or two of liquid poured into the street for a chance of being battered by explosions, because at this festival, it almost caught fire. considered a good thing.

The Pluto Honeycomb Fireworks Festival begins with a parade of palanquins, each carrying a holy statue and giant cylinders called a beehive stuffed with bottle rockets and spaced several yards apart along. parade route. As the parade passed through town, crowds flocked to gather around the hives and set fire to fire.


Honeycomb Fireworks Festival - Exotic Taiwan FestivalThe bee's fireworks festival is very crowded with dangerous parachutes (Photo @naoko_chinesetea)


When the streaks of light shot out, everyone screamed and ran in all directions like an angry swarm of bees. People even threw down their rockets from the apartment balcony above, contributing to the chaos below. The explosion lasted only a minute or two before it culminated in a brilliant fireworks display in the sky. 

It can be said that this is quite a dangerous festival as it can cause severe burns, rockets stuck inside a helmet can cause temporary hearing loss or permanent blindness. However, it is still rated as the 3rd largest festival in the world and one of the typical festivals in Taiwan , so despite the danger people from all over continue to come to Yanshui to try their best. .

4. Balloon festival

Unlike other Taiwan festivals, the hot air balloon festival has no specific time that it will change from year to year, usually between June and August in the Tainan district, in the southeast corner of the city. Taiwan, in particular at Luye Goutai - an already popular spot for paragliding and camping.

This is the international hot air balloon festival that started for the first time in 2011, with about 10 countries participating in the event and gradually the number of participating countries increasing. In particular, because it is held in the summer, it attracts many families as well as tourists to participate, the estimated number can reach millions.


hot air balloon festival - famous Taiwan festivalHot air balloons of all shapes (Photo @ pppei._)


While you wait for the festival to start, you can play this amazing downhill slide. However, you will have to wait in line for your turn so be patient.

The images of colorful hot air balloons with many different shapes from traditional balloon shapes to cute cartoon characters flying up into the air create an extremely magnificent and sweeping scene. suck. At this point, don't just stand and watch, but hurry up and take the camera to take a picture because there will definitely be a super super virtual image. If you can stick around to see the flames being lit, it will be even more beautiful and sparkling.


hot air balloon festival - unique Taiwanese festivalSo deep with the hot air balloons (Photo @ valerie1225)


5. Ghost Festival

The Ghost Festival is usually held on the 15th of the seventh lunar month - the day when devout Taoists and Buddhists believe that the gates of hell will be open for a month so that hungry ghosts can roam the world of people live in search of food, money, entertainment and possibly soul.

Therefore, the Taiwanese organized the "Hungry Ghost Festival" by providing a "party for wandering ghosts", and at the same time commemorating the family members. It means quite similar to Halloween festivals in Western countries.


Ma To Festival - The sacred Taiwanese festivalThe parade with magnificent lanterns (Photo @ kltw2016)


The offerings often offered on this Taiwanese holiday include rice wine, fruit, chicken, pork, fish, snacks, incense and incense. Gold incense is burned for the gods, while silver incense is burned for souls.

The Ma Toi Festival is held throughout Taiwan but the largest and most colorful is in Keelung, with lantern parades through the streets, and international cultural and artistic events and in water on the main square in the harbor and in theaters, halls, government buildings and roadside stages ... 


Ma To incense offering ceremony - an interesting Taiwan festival Excellent art shows at Ma To Festival (Photo @ jo4foodstories)


Visitors to this Taiwan festival can not only watch but also participate in dance, Taiwanese opera, puppetry, drumming, martial arts, children's shows, traditional and modern music, style tricks circus, painting, photography and art competition, folk singing, quizzes and calligraphy too.
Then drop the lanterns decorated with a Chinese character, such as 謝 (xie; "gratitude"), 林 (lin; "wood") and, (jiang; "river") on The sea with the belief: the farther the lanterns float to the sea, the better luck that family will have in the coming year.


6. Toucheng Chiang Ku column climbing ceremony

Toucheng Chiang Ku is a traditional festival in Taiwan that is also very popular, usually held on the 7th lunar month in Yilan city, Taiwan to make offerings to the wandering souls and avoid misfortunes.

It also has another interesting name, the pole climbing festival, because during the holiday, there will be a main activity: climbing poles, pulling worship items and flags from the cable car to pay homage to the dead souls. some people worship.

Accordingly, the contest will have many participating teams, with each team of 5 fast and healthy boys, braided with ropes, hooked on legs and climbed the pillars of Ku Peng tower. In particular, each pillar has its own challenge, some trees are very greased, some are 10 floors higher than the building ...


Column climbing ceremony - unique Taiwanese festivalCrowded atmosphere of the pole climbing ceremony (Photo @friendsandcity)


Although it is a bit risky, the atmosphere is vibrant and bustling, so the Toucheng Chiang Ku pole climbing festival always attracts a lot of people and visitors to participate.

Anyone who once set foot on "Pearl Island", can participate in exciting and attractive Taiwanese festivals , will be sure to never forget to show it.