10 interesting experiences you should not miss when traveling Taipei - Taiwan

Enjoy the colorful scenery at Duong Minh Son National Park

Situated in Taipei's largest volcanic and hot spring complex, Yangmingshan National Park is a large natural park with a cool climate year-round. The park has beautiful flower farms and meadows, so you can take a walk all day here. 

The path goes between the field of flowers and grass.  Photo: billbalo.comThe path goes between the field of flowers and grass. Photo: billbalo.com

The park has an area called the Flower Clock which is made up of beautifully designed and trimmed wreaths, surrounded by a circular lake, with music played by the hour. Rhododendron, peach and gladiolus flowers are planted in each area and grow wild, creating a vibrant natural landscape that attracts tourists. 

Flower clock.  Photo: divui.comFlower clock. Photo: divui.com

Coming to Duong Minh Son National Park, you can also take a rest, relax in hot springs with many minerals good for skin and health.

Yangmingshan Park is located in the north of Taipei City, you can travel by many means, especially MRT. October - November in Taiwan is in the fall, very suitable for you to visit Duong Minh Son National Park. You should spend at least half a day to visit all the beautiful landscapes that nature offers, or stay all day to have time to climb mountains, take a hot spring bath at this large park. 

Walking in the ancient village of Cuu Phan

The Nine Commentaries Village is one of the top destinations in Taiwan. This land has beautiful historical stories, beautiful nature and unique ancient spaces. 

The Nine Parts Village is located on Mount Keelung, about 50 km from downtown Taipei. The village has existed since the Qing Dynasty, completely separate from the outside world, so it was discovered until the Japanese occupation of China in the late 19th century. 

Ancient beauty of old houses in Cuu Phan village.  Photo: chudu24h.comAncient beauty of old houses in Cuu Phan village. Photo: chudu24h.com

Initially, the village had 9 households, hence the name Cuu Phan. Today, the population of the village has increased to more than 4,000 households. At the beginning of the entrance to the village, there is a 7Eleven store, which is also a sign of the way for tourists to come to Cuu Phan village. If you take the bus from the city center, the car will go straight to this place, you just need to get off the bus, turn right and go straight to the village. 

Cuu Phan Ancient Village attracts visitors with ancient architecture and snacking paradise. Here, you can stroll around sightseeing, learn the unique architecture of the houses, enjoy delicious cuisine, buy souvenirs ... In the village there are also many museums and temples. You can climb Binh Tra Vo Nhi mountain to drink tea, enjoy the panoramic view of the old village in a rare peaceful space. 

Overview of Cuu Phan ancient village viewed from Binh Tra Vo Nhi mountain.  Photo: vntrip.vnOverview of Cuu Phan ancient village viewed from Binh Tra Vo Nhi mountain. Photo: vntrip.vn

Experience outdoor activities at Thap Phan Waterfall

Shifang Waterfall belongs to the ancient Shunde village, which is considered the version of Niagara Asia waterfall. This place is an ideal destination for those who love adventure travel. Shifen Waterfall is a 20 m high and 40 m wide natural wonder, the widest waterfall in Taiwan. You can spend the whole day hiking and exploring beautiful trails, or simply sit back and admire the waterfall.

To reach the waterfall area, you have to go through challenging mountain roads. On both sides of the road, you can watch the white cascades cascading down into the blue lake. You can stop to visit the ancient village, admiring the breathtaking scenery of the mountains.

Shunde Waterfall is the largest waterfall in Taiwan.  Photo: chudu24h.comShunde Waterfall is the largest waterfall in Taiwan. Photo: chudu24h.com

From downtown Taipei, you can take a train or bus to reach the ancient village areas of Shifang and Shufu waterfall. Besides admiring the beauty of the waterfall, you can also experience the lanterns of blessing in the old village, enjoying attractive Taiwanese cuisine in this area. 

See the works on display at the Taipei Old Palace Museum

The Imperial Palace Museum is located in Sy Lam District, Taipei. Kingdom of Song Dynasty - Nguyen - Minh - Thanh. 

Taipei Old Palace MuseumTaipei Old Palace Museum. Photo: pinterest.com

However, the museum only displays about 1,500 items and changes every three months according to the theme to serve visitors. Come here, do not miss the sculpture inside the walnut shell that visitors have to use a magnifying glass to view, or the boat image carved in a tiny olive stone. 

The work is on display at the Taipei Museum.  Photo: ast.com.vnThe work is on display at the Taipei Museum. Photo: ast.com.vn

The Imperial Palace Museum is also one of the largest museums in the world on royal artifacts and works of art. Every day there are about 200,000 visitors, of which the majority are visitors from mainland China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam. 

In addition, the museum also has 2 cafes and a restaurant, if you come here on the weekends, you can watch traditional music programs for free. 

See a multitude of interesting rock shapes at the Da Lieu Geological Park

Geographic Geological Park is located in Wanli town, near the northernmost point of Taiwan island. There are rocks formed by waves, weathered by rocks, due to geological activity of the earth's crust ... creating a spectacular scene. The beautiful geological landscape with rocks dating back thousands of years to the Da Lieu Geological Park has attracted numerous visitors. 

Plenty of interesting rock shapes at the Da Lieu Geological ParkPlenty of interesting rock shapes at the Da Lieu Geological Park. Photo: Joitrip.vn

The names of the cliffs in the Da Lieu Geopark are based on imagination for its shape, such as: Comedy Fairy, Rock Mushroom, Japanese Geisha, Candlestick ... Come here, you can visit the area with a series of different shaped rocks.  

Area 1 is home to mushrooms and ginger tubers. Area 2 has the stone Queen Head, Dragon head prominent. The head of the Queen's Rock is over 4,000 years old - one of the most famous scenes of the Da Lieu geological park and is considered the symbol of Van Lich town. This is a stone fungus formed by the differential erosion caused by seawater. Over time, the Queen's Head cliffs were not only devastated by nature but also damaged by the effects of human visits. At present, the narrow part around the neck of the ledge is only about 138 cm.

Photo: blueskytravel.com.vnThe Queen's Head Stone. Photo: blueskytravel.com.vn

Area 3 has quite strange shapes such as Pearl Rock (Pearl Rock) and Hai Au (Marine Bird Rock), Hieu Thao hill. In addition to the rare gem geological landscape, this third area is also the main ecological reserve area of ​​Da Lieu geological park.

Area 3 in the Da Lieu geological park.  Photo: blueskytravel.com.vnArea 3 in the Da Lieu geological park. Photo: blueskytravel.com.vn

Discover the Picture of the Bow

The image of the Thien Cung Palace, also known as An Chua Temple, is Quang Cong Temple, built in 1967. The image of the Thien Cung Palace is a simple and solemn building. The main palace is located in Zhongshan District, Taipei City, in addition to two additional courtes. The palace in Beitou has the oldest history, followed by the palace in the Three Gorges, the main palace in Taipei established the latest. The image of Thien Cung worshiped the five Grace Gods: Quan Van Truong, Lu Dong Tan, Truong Don, Vuong Thien and Nhac Phi.

Discover the Picture of the BowFigure Thien Cung. Photo: chudu24h.com

You can come here to learn the unique architecture of the temple and burn incense for blessing. 

Shopping in the busy street of Tay Mon Dinh

Ximen Dinh is an area of ​​alleys and streets, creating a large outdoor fashion "supermarket". Ximen Dinh was built during the period of Taiwan under Japanese domination, so it imbued with the architecture of the country of cherry blossoms.

Ximen Mon Night MarketXimen Mon Night Market. Photo: @shutters_clicks

Ximen Temple Night Market is open from the afternoon the previous day and ends at 3-4 am the next morning. You can unleash visit the fascinating destinations of Taiwan and then return to the evening walk in Ximending. For shopping enthusiasts, the best time to shop here is from 5 pm.

Ximen Temple Night Market can be considered as a popular street. Here, you can walk, just look at the stalls, shops are extremely eye-catching decoration. Fashion at Tay Mon Dinh night market is very diverse in design and rich in variety. From Japanese, Korean, Chinese to European style, you can find it in Ximending. It is also home to many big fashion brands such as Adidas, Uniqlo, H&M ... If you travel to Taiwan right on the occasion of the sale off, the promotion is really great. 

Tay Mon Dinh Night Market can be considered as a typical example of the type of night market combining shopping sightseeing and culinary discovery. The most famous dishes here are steamed duck meat, roasted duck ... Ay-Chung noodles, Lautianlu stew and milk tea.

Ximen Mon Night MarketTaiwan's famous rotten tofu. Photo : @ chy11684

Coming to Tay Mon Dinh, you also have the opportunity to immerse yourself in extremely diverse entertainment activities with 20 large and small cinemas, concerts, street performances of young people. Other relaxing and entertaining services such as spa, hairdressing, karaoke ... The restaurants and cafes in the Rad House area are impressive "places to live" for the Taiwan trip.

Check-in Huashan 1914 Creative Park creative arts activity area

Huashan 1914 has many beautiful small shops selling clothes, souvenir shops, children's play areas with many creative toys, beautiful exhibition spaces. 

If you want to visit the whole of Huashan 1914, it takes about 2 hours. After playing tired enough, you can visit the restaurants to enjoy Taiwanese cuisine or visit the quiet and luxurious cafes to check-in souvenir. 

Huashan 1914 Creative ParkThese luxury cafes in Huashan 1914 Creative Park. Photo: saostar.vn

Enjoy delicious cuisine at Si Lam night market

Si Lam Night Market is located near the Duong Minh theater, selling a lot of different items at a reasonable price, most of which are available with convenient prices for buyers, especially foreign tourists. The night market has many delicious and fancy snack shops. Walking around the market, seeing all the shops here also takes about 4-5 hours.

Si Lam Night MarketSi Lam Night Market. Photo: keehuachee.blogspot.com

Si Lam Night Market has two areas: the food court and the goods area. Stalls around the traditional Yangming Theater and Chi Cheng Temple are located on Ta Nam Street, which sells goods. Here, you can find a wide variety of items, such as clothes, hats, shoes, hair products and accessories at relatively cheap prices.

The famous food court has more than 500 food stalls serving many delicious dishes with Taiwanese origin such as: Hot dog sticky rice with sausage, Xiao Long Bao dumpling, oyster omelette, fried chicken fillet, buffalo leg milk tea, Si Si big sausage, rotten tofu ... 

Enjoy fascinating cuisine at Si Lam night market.  Photo: diytattoo.clubEnjoy fascinating cuisine at Si Lam night market. Photo: diytattoo.club

Free time to visit the evening you can come here, take a walk and enjoy the delicious food before returning to the hotel to rest.

Visit Long Son Pagoda

Long Son Tu pagoda was built in 1738 during the reign of Can Long King, mainly worshiping Quan The Bodhisattva Buddha. Over 270 years of history, this temple has been restored many times but retains its original structure. The current temple was rebuilt in the early 1900s with a combination of both Buddhist and Taoist elements.

Long Son PagodaLong Son Pagoda. Photo: travelportal.cz

Long Son Pagoda combines traditional Chinese architecture and the palace to create an enchanting atmosphere. There are hundreds of statues of Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism. You will be amazed at the vivid creatures painted on the walls of the temple and admire the stone statues scattered around the temple grounds. 

Above are 10 most outstanding destinations, bringing you memorable experiences when traveling to Taipei and Taiwan. If you have a travel in the near future, do not miss these destinations.