Adventure with 7 most dreamy Taiwanese farms

Fu Wan Farm

Fu Wan impresses Taiwanese travelers with the harmonious combination of natural landscape and modern architecture. People will be surprised when the son of the rancher designed the entire resort, another person who specializes in accommodation and restaurant management in Fu Wan.

Adventure with 7 most dreamy Taiwanese farmsAddress: Fu Wan Leisure Farm, 102 Dapeng Street, Donggang Town, Pingtung District, Taiwan

Hua Lu Flower Farm

Run by 3 beautiful businesswomen, Hua Lu Flower Home Entertainment Farm features visitors with its flower-growing farm and elegant design, bringing a sense of relaxation. Not only that, visitors can also visit the perfume production process, discover strange flowers and loved ones in the green space of the farm.

Hua Lu Flower Farm Flower Home Entertainment Farm: 43-3 Zhongping Street, Zhoulan Town, Miaoli District, Taiwan.

Sheipa Leisure Farm

Ideally located right next to one of Taiwan's most beautiful National Parks, Sheipa Leisure Farm is a favorite attraction of people in northern and eastern Taiwan. At this farm, you can walk in Shei-Pa National Park or enjoy the fresh, natural flavor of fresh blueberries or Kiwi. Hiding in the middle of the Dreamland, this is the perfect place where people mingle with tranquil nature and experience unexpected life values ​​...

Adventure with 7 most dreamy Taiwanese farmsSheipa Farm, 380-1 Minshih, Taoshan Village, Wufeng Town, Hsinchu District, Taiwan

Nan Yuan Garden

Nan Yuan Garden Farm is located by the romantic lake and is the perfect place for families with children in Taiwan. The farm has a small zoo, visitors can feed and even touch some friendly animals

Nan Yuan Garden Entertainment Farm, Guoyi Nan Lake, Liuying District, Tainan City, Taiwan

Dakeng Leisure Farm

The Dakeng Resort offers a true farm stay experience as it focuses on the development of organic foods. They also raise their own animals and you can see pigs and chickens wandering the campus.

Adventure with 7 most dreamy Taiwanese farmsDakeng Farm, Xinhua District, Tainan City, Taiwan

Qingjing Farm

Qingjing is the  most famous Taiwanese farm . Located on verdant hills, the area around the farm is dotted with sparkling hotels. However, the guesthouse on the farm itself is most interesting especially for children. Here, you can wander the hills with sheep farms, try horseback riding or just sit still and enjoy the fresh mountain air.

Adventure with 7 most dreamy Taiwanese farmsQingjing Farm, 170 Renhe Street, Renai Town, Nantou County, Taiwan


Toucheng Leisure Farm

Toucheng Leisure Farm is a farm that is not difficult to move to because it is only an hour's drive from Taipei. Tourists can enjoy farm games, short tours ... In addition, the farm also has a lake with some resting hammocks and outdoor seating to relax in the evening.

Adventure with 7 most dreamy Taiwanese farmsToucheng Leisure Farm Hotel 125 Gengsin Road, Toucheng Town, Yilan, Yilan District, Taiwan