Long Ho Thap Pagoda attracts Taiwanese tourists

When traveling to Taiwan , many tourists are often confused because of so many wonderful places, it is difficult to schedule to go to the end. If you want to check in in a modern setting, you must go to Taipei 101, Taroko National Park, for nature lovers, and if you want to visit the temple, you must definitely visit Long Ho Thap. 

Long Ho Thap Pagoda attracts Taiwanese touristsBeautiful port city of Kaohsiung, home to Long Ho Thap pagoda. Photo: Taiwan. 

Long Ho Thap Pagoda is located on the west bank of Lien Tri Lagoon, in the center of Kaohsiung City. This area is opposite to Chau Trai Wetland Park and near the bus stop on Lien Than Street. To get to the temple, Taiwanese tourists can reach Ta Doanh subway station, from there go south to Longhu Thap in just a few minutes. This temple was built in 1976, there is no entrance fee, so if possible, you can put some blessing money into the chest of Merit. 

Long Ho Thap Pagoda attracts Taiwanese touristsLong Ho Thap pagoda with impressive scenery. Photo: Kaohsiungnews. 

Although Long Ho Thap Pagoda is famous on Taiwan tourist map , few tourists know which saint's place of worship is here. With two main towers, Long Tower and Tiger Tower, belonging to the temple of Cihji Palace, the residence of Saint Baosheng Dadi, originally built in the 17th century. Dragon Tiger Tower was once a military base during Japan. During the rule of Taiwan, the saints in the temple were forced to move to other locations. 

Long Ho Thap Pagoda attracts Taiwanese touristsDeep inside the corridor are bas-reliefs of the tenths of filial piety. Photo: Petrotimes. 

It was not until 1959 that the restoration of the Dragon Tiger Tower and inviting the saints to return was completed. The overall architecture here includes Long Tower and Tiger Tower - each tower is 7 floors high, doors are uniquely designed with one side being Dragon, one side is Tiger. Visitors will enter from the Dragon mouth and go back outside according to the Tiger mouth, implying that the Dragon coming into the Tiger symbolizes auspicious, prosperous and lucky. Colorful paintings throughout the walkway tell the legend of the Second Foursome, while promoting Chinese culture and advising Taiwanese tourists to preserve their filial piety. 

Long Ho Thap Pagoda attracts Taiwanese touristsThe unique 'Chi' bridge, right at the entrance of Long Tiger Tower. Photo: Greencrosser. 

The bridge leading into the temple is also one of the unique features. Designed in the style of the word 'chi' zigzag, winding, meandering. Many visitors have enlisted the check in at this special bridge. According to the indigenous people, the design of the bridge symbolizes obstacles on the path of life, and it is only when meeting the Long Tiger Tower that it turns into luck. 

Long Ho Thap Pagoda attracts Taiwanese tourists

Long Ho Thap Pagoda attracts Taiwanese tourists
Long Ho Thap Pagoda attracts Taiwanese tourists
Long Ho Thap Pagoda attracts Taiwanese touristsPhotos of tourists checking in with Long Ho Thap Pagoda. Photo: Howweseeworld. 

Thanks to the unique meaning and architecture, Long Ho Thap Pagoda attracts a large number of visitors and becomes an indispensable check-in point when traveling to Taiwan . The image of the temple appears throughout the famous travel blogs and is on the list of the most attractive destinations when you come to Kaohsiung City. 

Long Ho Thap Pagoda attracts Taiwanese touristsXuan Thu Radio, one of the sights to be admired from Long Ho Thap Photo: TaiwanKahsung. 

With its charming position, when climbing on the top of Long Ho Thap, overlooking the distance, visitors will admire the whole panoramic view of Kaohsiung city or the landscape of Lien Tri Lagoon stretching seemingly endless. The skyscrapers in the distance, Chau Trai Wetland Park, Xuan Xuan Radio or many other temple roofs around the lake ... all will be shown in the most honest way. 

Long Ho Thap Pagoda attracts Taiwanese touristsA bowl of delicious Gang Yuan beef noodles. Photo: LivingNomad.

Well, after visiting Dragon Tiger Tower, you do not miss a specialty of Taiwan tourism in general and Kaohsiung city in particular, which is Gang Yuan beef noodles. Fresh noodles, beef are also fresh and ripe, not chewy, the broth has a sweet, non-fat, and the chef is pleased with the diners, no matter how hard. The bowl of noodles presented was very beautiful, lost in Gang Yuan beef noodle shop then even though not hungry, they had to try a bowl right away because it looked so attractive. Because of its famous taste, Gang Yuan beef shops are always crowded with customers, do not forget to choose the table soon.