The 'twisted building' appeared to usurp all checkpoints in Taipei

What do you think of Taipei? The majestic Taipei 101 tower - the symbol of the city, the bustling atmosphere in the Nine Schools Village, the fascinating food at Shilin Night Market or the grandiose beauty of the Yang Zhongshan Memorial? Recently, young Taiwanese as well as the world are "crazy" because of the appearance of a new check-in location in this milk tea city with the name " twisted building ".

The 'twisted building' appeared to usurp all checkpoints in TaipeiTao Zhu Yin Yuan building stands out in the middle of the street

The new Tao Zhu Yin Yuan building is located on Songyong Road, Xinyi District, the heart of Taipei City. This is the work of famous architect Vincent Callebaut, built from 2013 to the end of 2018 and inaugurated some time ago. The reason for the special name 'twisted building' is also due to the strange appearance of this building. 

The 'twisted building' appeared to usurp all checkpoints in TaipeiClose-up twisted buildings fascinated the youth of Taiwan these days

Tao Zhu Yin Yuan is 20 floors high, spiral design but extremely soft and flexible, making people think of human eyelids. The building consists of two blocks, designed as a high-class apartment complex for the upper class in Taipei, so not many people come here to affect the landscape. 

According to the architect who created this masterpiece, the twisting of the building is not only aesthetic, but also ensures that natural light can reach each apartment, helping to save the maximum amount of electricity used. In addition, each apartment has its own elevator, allowing driving and parking to each apartment, instead of sending the basement as usual.

The 'twisted building' appeared to usurp all checkpoints in TaipeiSince its appearance, Tao Zhu Yin Yuan building has become a new symbol of Taipei City with its unique design and distinctive appearance.
The 'twisted building' appeared to usurp all checkpoints in TaipeiAnd also become a check-in point not to be missed for any visitor when coming to this milk tea city

Because of this strange design, the "twisting building" quickly became the ideal check-in point for many young people coming to Taipei. Standing from the area near Tao Zhu Yin Yuan, you can save the virtual images "faint", get the whole unique design of the building with the middle view, embracing the entire Taipei 101 tower in the distance. 

The 'twisted building' appeared to usurp all checkpoints in TaipeiCheck in from Tao Zhu Yin Yuan can also take a full view of the Taipei 101 tower from afar

What impresses most and is another plus point that makes this building popular with Taipei people is its green design, extremely environmentally friendly. All gaps at the 20-storey Tao Zhu Yin Yuan are filled with 23,000 trees and bushes are attached around the building. These trees are not only decorative, but can absorb up to 130 tons of CO2 emissions each year.

The 'twisted building' appeared to usurp all checkpoints in TaipeiThe most impressive thing is that the building is decorated with 23,000 surrounding green trees, extremely friendly to the environment. 

The 'twisted building' appeared to usurp all checkpoints in Taipei

With a construction price of NT $ 1 billion (about 750 billion VND) for each block, this is considered to be the most lavish apartment complex in Asia Pacific and a new symbol for Taipei City. . Since its appearance, the "spiraling building" has been flocked to admire and check in by many visitors. Not to mention, the natural scenery surrounding the building area is very airy and fresh, especially becomes romantic with the yellow and red leaves on the street when autumn. 

To get to Tao Zhu Yin Yuan , you can take the green metro line, get off at Taipei City Hall Station, go to exit 3, walk a little to get there.