The unique village in Taiwan attracts visitors

Cuu Phan ancient village

Jiufen is a small village located on Mount Keelung about 50 km from Taipei. This small ancient village dates back to the Qing Dynasty, completely separate from the outside world, until the Japanese occupation of China in the late 19th century, it was discovered.

Unique village in Taiwan Famous old village in Taipei. Photo:

This ancient village only had 9 households living on the mountainside when under the Qing Dynasty, now there are more than 900 houses built mainly to serve tourists. Road transportation is not convenient, so people use boats to travel. When buying any food or utensils, people here often order 9, so people often call it Cuu Phan.

Unique village in Taiwan Attractions that attract tourists in Taiwan. Photo:

The main road in Jiufen is called Shu Qi. The road is very narrow, only about 2 m wide, including granite stairs. It passed through the town from bottom to top, along the ridge.

Unique village in Taiwan The road named Thu Ky Lo in the ancient village of Cuu Phan. Photo:

The ancient houses are made of bricks and stone to be strong, resistant to rain and storm. A two-storey roof, painted with black herb oil, is used to waterproof. Each house is close to each other, no yard, no sidewalk because the area is not large.

Unique village in Taiwan The houses are close together. Photo:

Cat Dong Cat village

The village is about 36 km west of Taipei city. Guests can get here by bus, car or train. The village has more than 150 cats, with more than 100 different cat breeds. This place attracts thousands of tourists to visit on weekends.

Here, feral cats are comfortable and well cared for. They roam the streets, sunbathe on park benches or run into people's homes without fear of being arrested or chased.

Unique village in Taiwan The Hau Dong cat village is the home of more than 150 cats. Photo:

The name Hou cave originally meant monkey cave because it used to be a cave. The habitat of wild monkeys. However, the old cave was only a trace when Hau Dong was now transformed into a cat village. Each year, tourists come to visit Ho Dong. The food for wild cats is mainly from souvenir shops around the region.

Unique village in Taiwan Food taken from nearby stores. Photo:

Youkai Village

A 40-minute drive from Taichung City, the Youkai Village is located right next to Khe First Forest in Nantou County, a new destination for tourists . It sounds dark and scary, but the reality is exactly the opposite. The village is designed very lovely. When you enter here, you will feel like stepping into another world.

Unique village in Taiwan The village is designed very lovely. Photo:

Upon arrival in the Youkai village, you will come across a large red Torii - a traditional work of the land of cherry blossoms, often found at the entrance to the Shinto shrine. After walking through, you will encounter many lovely Japanese monster statues with red lanterns hanging throughout the village. The traditional roofs of Phu Tang country, the rows of red lanterns hanging high in the dark illuminate the flavor of Japanese cuisine. 

Unique village in Taiwan Many lovely Japanese monster shapes. Photo:

Coming to Youkai village, you will be "seen, touched" with all kinds of "Youkai" big and small in Japanese bureaucratic stories. But those delicately crafted and simulated demons are not at all scary or scary, but rather the image that represents the "Kuso style".

Unique village in Taiwan Quiet space in the village. Photo:

Rainbow Village

The suburb of Taichung City is home to a special village called Cau Vong village located on Chun'an Road, Nantun District, a suburb of Taichung City, Taiwan. 

Unique village in Taiwan Colorful Rainbow Village. Photo:

Years of facing the risk of demolishing the village because it was so shabby, Mr. Huang Yung-fu, a villager from the village. have drawn creative, unique images and textures with bright, bright colors for the walls on the street. With such meaningful action, Rainbow Village has transformed itself into one of the most attractive and impressive tourist destinations in Taiwan.

Unique village in Taiwan The old artist "saved" the whole village with his palm tree. Photo:


Unique village in Taiwan The drawings on the walls become more vivid on the long walls. Photo:

The unique villages in Taiwan above will be an extremely interesting journey for visitors to come to Taiwan. Coming here, visitors will have more profound experiences about interesting traditional characteristics of Asian characteristics.