Travel to Taiwan, explore impressive architectural works

Referring to Taiwanese architecture , many people will immediately think of the famous 101-storey Taipei tower. However, in Taiwan, visitors also have the opportunity to admire many other unique and interesting works. Some places are not only outstanding in architecture but also have profound meanings in history, culture and spirituality.

Cinderalla Church

The unique glass-shoe church building in Taiwan was inspired by the cinderella's shoe and named "Cinderalla church", built in 2016 in Chiayi City. This unique structure has a height of 16m and a width of 10m, is assembled from 320 pieces of large and small glass with a construction cost of about 686 USD.

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This place is not an ordinary church because there are no prayer services here. The main purpose of this place is to organize weddings, anniversaries and have been known around the world as "high heel churches."

The site is located in the Budai fishing village in the Southwest Coast National Scenic Area. This place was created with the idea of ​​a tourist attraction aimed at boosting tourism and the local economy.

Chimei Museum

The Chimei Museum in Rende District, Tainan is an 18th-century European-style building, with a bridge on the way to an ancient Greek-inspired building.

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This is a private museum founded in 1992 by businessman Shi-Wen-long .. The museum's collection is divided into five categories: Fine arts, musical instruments, natural history, weapons and ancient object. 

The museum is known to house the largest collection of violin in the world along with collections of weapons and antique sculptures. Forbes magazine, in its February 1996 article on private collectors in Asia, called the Chimei Museum "one of the world's most surprising art collections". 

With its unique architecture and huge collection, this Chimei museum attracts thousands of visitors to visit and admire. 

Buddha Mountain Museum 

Located in northeastern town of Dashu, Kaohsiung, the Guangshan Buddha Museum is Taiwan's largest Buddhist monastery. It is famous for its impressive temple system, impressive and sacred Buddha image, including a 108m high Buddha image cast in bronze and steel.  

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From the entrance gate, the giant Buddha image is located in the middle of the highest area of ​​the museum, two sides of the Buddha image are 8 stupas. Museum of Quang Son Buddha is home to many gold-plated Buddha statues and more than 100,000 copies of the Heart Sutra. 

Foshan Museum of Painting is open for free every day, welcoming visitors as well as Buddhists everywhere to visit, Buddhist ceremonies. And although it is a famous place and crowded with tourists, the space here is always peaceful and peaceful. 

Long Ho Pagoda

Long Ho Pagoda is located on the edge of Lotus Pond in Kaohsiung. The pagoda has 2 main towers, the Long Tower and the Tiger Tower, each tower is 7 stories high. The tower entrance is uniquely designed with one side of the dragon and one side of the tiger is said to bring good luck to those passing through.

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Long Ho Pagoda is vibrantly colored and imbued with Taiwanese culture with decorative frescoes that help visitors learn more about the history and beliefs of local worship.

In addition, from the two towers in the temple, visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of the busy and busy city as well as the scenery around Lotus Pond. Especially, if you visit in the evening, visitors will admire the beautiful sunset here with yellow light covering the two towers. 

Long Son Temple

Long Son Temple is not only a sacred religious destination but also a famous landmark, always in the journey of travelers to Taiwan. 
This ancient temple was built in 1738, during the reign of Emperor Qianlong in the Qing Dynasty. Over the centuries with many incidents, natural disasters such as earthquakes, storms, fires ... the temple still exists intact to the present. 

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Coming here, visitors not only admire the unique architecture of the temple but also the opportunity to learn about the spiritual culture of Taiwanese people in particular and China in general. 

Amidst the noisy and bustling modern streets, the temple is a destination for antiquity, tranquility and tranquility. 

Grand hotel

The Grand Hotel is located in the Yuanshan area of ​​Taipei and is one of the first major buildings visitors see on arrival in the city. The building was built in 1973 to serve as a place to welcome celebrities, elites and high-ranking officials.

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This is the most famous hotel in Taiwan with a 14-storey building, with about 500 rooms built in the style of the Chinese palace, with colors and decor in the Ming style. 

In the overall design, the building has up to 250,000 dragon carvings or paintings. In addition, there are stone lions, apricot flowers and many other motifs and decorative styles bearing Chinese imprints. 

Kaohsiung Formosa Boulevard Subway Station

Formosa Boulevard is a giant glass domed subway station in Taiwan. Located in Sinsing District, Kaohsiung, this place is famous for its dome made from more than 4,500 stained-glass panels, so the lighting shows are attractive on many topics. 

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The Formosa Boulevard subway station project opened in September 2008, and was designed by Italian architect Narcissus Quagliata. 

Not just a subway station serving the travel needs of residents and visitors, since opening, this station has become an attractive tourist destination, where anyone when traveling Taiwan. Loan once visit.