Traveling Taiwan - Discover the beauty of traditional culture in harmony with modern life

What to prepare when traveling to Taiwan?

Before preparing to travel to the beautiful land of Taipei, in addition to preparing clothes, personal belongings ... money, ATM cards, identification are considered the most important items that you always carry. Follow me when traveling abroad.


Apply for Taiwan Tourist Visa

To be able to travel in Taiwan you must have a visa. If you do not have a visa, you will need to prepare all necessary documents, accompanied by a fee to go directly to the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi to carry out the visa application process.

As most visa applications for travel in Taiwan are not too complicated, people will not need interviews. However, if the case requires an interview, please prepare the necessary information at the website of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office to find out, as well as answer the interview in the best way.


Exchange money before traveling

Changing money before traveling to Taiwan is a necessity that each person should be well prepared. Currently in Taiwan mainly using currency unit is Taiwan Dollar (NT), 1NT $ will correspond to about 730 - 750 VND. People can go directly to the nearest foreign currency transaction center to be able to exchange currency in your country for more convenient during using.

There is a small note that you should not hold too much cash when traveling, because nowadays in most countries use card payment, you only need a little cash to eat, move, ...

Traveling Taiwan - Discover the beauty of traditional culture in harmony with modern lifePrepare luggage for a trip to Taiwan. Photo: Duhocbm.

Taiwan's most beautiful travel time

The weather in Taiwan is quite similar to the Northern climate in Vietnam. However, to help you have a successful and convenient journey to Taiwan, it is probably in the summer or autumn. In spring and winter in Taiwan the weather is quite erratic. In particular, people should not travel to Taiwan in July and August because this is the typhoon season so it is not suitable to travel here.


How to move to Taiwan

Currently in Vietnam there are many airlines with many direct flights to Taiwan such as Vietjet Air, Vanilla Air, Uni Air, Mandarin Airlines, Vietnam Airlines, Eva Air, China Airlines. Most round-trip tickets for flights to Taiwan are quite high, you absolutely can spend time to hunt cheap flights before 2-3 months to buy a preferential ticket, while saving costs for travel itinerary.

When coming to Taiwan, people are completely assured because the transportation system here is very developed and streamlined. In particular, public transport in Taiwan is very focused from the subway, the bus will help visitors easily move as well as get the most convenient experience. With these public transport, you can buy tickets separately or buy tickets via Easy Card will be cheaper but pay faster.


These beautiful places in Taiwan are not to be missed

Enjoy a light breakfast with a cup of delicious coffee at Fujin Street

Fujin is one of the famous streets in the heart of Taipei City, Taiwan, with rows of peaceful, romantic cafe shops. When you come here, you can choose any coffee shop for breakfast and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee.

Especially, at each store, there is an "oasis" of coffee for everyone to choose their favorite flavor. Can suggest some good restaurants for your reference such as Kyushu Pancake Cafe, Beans and Beats, Fujin Tree 353, ...

Traveling Taiwan - Discover the beauty of traditional culture in harmony with modern lifeEnjoy a light breakfast with a cup of delicious coffee at Fujin Street. Photo: Traveldailoan.

Address: Fujin Street, Songshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 105


Explore the Taipei 101 tower with beauty that attracts all visitors

Taipei 101 is one of the famous buildings in Taiwan built from 1999 to 2004. This tower owns a quite unique architectural style with a total height of up to 449.2 m, if you add the corresponding antenna column 509.2 m. This is one of the typical symbols of Taiwan, as well as the second tallest tower in the world after the Buri Khalifa in Dubai.

Traveling Taiwan - Discover the beauty of traditional culture in harmony with modern lifeExplore the Taipei 101 tower with beauty that attracts all visitors. Photo: Univiet Travel.

This is one of the pride of the people of Taiwan, especially the Taipei 101 tower is also a regular venue for important Taiwan events. When coming here, visitors can admire the beauty blended between ancient beauty and the most typical modernity. In particular, when looking down from the observatory, it will help you see how beautiful the shimmering and fanciful Taipei city is.

The tower is located at 7, Section 5, Xinyi Road, Xinyi District. To get here, people can travel by the red MRT line to Taipei 101 station and exit # 4 to the destination. Time to visit the observatory starts from 9am - 10pm daily. Entrance fee is NT $ 600 for adults and children for free.


Immerse yourself in XinBeitou hot spring

If you travel to Taiwan but ignore the XinBeitou hot spring location, it is a huge omission. This hot spring area has an ancient Japanese architectural design. Along with it is a steaming mineral lake, the clear blue lake and white smoke create a scene like a lost place in the future with the price not too expensive, only about 30-40 TWD / person (more than 30,000 VND).


Traveling Taiwan - Discover the beauty of traditional culture in harmony with modern lifeImmerse yourself in XinBeitou hot spring. Photo: Blog KKday.

Beitou tourist area is located on Beitou Road, Taipei. To get here, you can choose the red MRT line 2 to get to Beitou Station. When you arrive at the gate, there will be information on the places to visit, hot springs so visitors can follow.


Ximending Night Market (Ximending) - A busy shopping area in Taiwan

Ximending is one of the most bustling shopping streets in Taiwan, favored by young people. Especially here, many hot products are sold here from fashion, accessories, jewelry, ... There are also many products of big fashion brands from Korea and Japan. many local brands.

Traveling Taiwan - Discover the beauty of traditional culture in harmony with modern lifeXimending Night Market (Ximending) - A busy shopping area in Taiwan. Photo:

If you are a fashionista, Ximending is definitely an interesting destination not to be missed. If you do not intend to shop, you can completely come here to immerse yourself in the bustling and bustling atmosphere and discover many interesting activities at this night market.

Ximending Night Market is located in Shi-men Ting, Taipei. To get here, take the MRT to Ximen MRT Station and follow Gate 6 for a sign that leads straight to the market.


Discover the famous Taiwanese cat village in Houtong

If you are a person who likes cute cats, do not miss the Houtong cat village (Hau Dong) in Taiwan. Located in Rueifang District, Houtong in Northern Taiwan is known as a cat village, attracting a lot of tourists to visit and experience.

Previously, Houtong was just a small town, mainly coal mining industry, this industry began to decline so people moved to other cities to live, leaving only a few hundred people.

Traveling Taiwan - Discover the beauty of traditional culture in harmony with modern lifeDiscover the famous Taiwanese cat village in Huotong. Photo:

Because the place is quite deserted and few people are there, people here begin collecting abandoned cats for adoption. Less than 2 years, this place is known as the residence of lovely cats and many tourists have come here to visit, visit every weekend.

Coming to the cat village, visitors will have the opportunity to get to know and play with cute cats and discover interesting cat cafes. In particular, people can participate in the underground walking experience where the former miners worked.

To get here, visitors can take the subway to Taipei station, then look at the signs to TRA Platform 4 and buy tickets to Houtong station. When you arrive, there will be clear signs to help you easily find the village.


What to eat when coming to Taiwan?

When coming to Taiwan, there are many delicious dishes for visitors to enjoy, typically the following:

Traveling Taiwan - Discover the beauty of traditional culture in harmony with modern lifeTaiwanese cuisine always attracts international customers. Photo: Bill Balo Blog.

- Chicken Waffle Sandwich: No. 58, Lane 233, paragraph 1, Dunhua South Street, Da'an District, Taipei, Taiwan.

- Dessert from mango: Smoothie House, No. 15 Yongkang Road, Da'an District, Taipei, Taiwan.

- Taiwanese Curry Rice: Taiwan Curry Da An Shop, No. 3, Lane 51, paragraph 1, Da'an Road, Da'an District, Taipei, Taiwan.

- Crispy fried chicken cutlet size "giant": Taiwan night market

- Shanghai Cuisine Combo meets Sichuan: Shanghai Shao Shi Fu Soup Dumpling, No. 31-1, Leli Street, Da'an District, Taipei, Taiwan.

- Drink pearl milk tea at the "original" place: Chung Shui Tang, No. 30, Siwei Street, West District, Tainan, Taiwan.

- Enjoy the big Takoyaki: Ruifeng Night Market, Yucheng Street, Zuoying District, Kaohsiung, Taiwan.