Autumn Taiwan - Places to watch romantic maple leaves

Around the end of November and early December, maple leaves and new almonds slowly began to change from green to yellow and then red. If you have a trip to Taiwan in the fall, don't miss the beautiful leafy spots below. 

Xitou Nature Education Area

Xitou Nature Education Area in Nantou is a great place to enjoy nature, the atmosphere is fresh, the temperature is not too low, autumn is the best time to see this place. From the end of October to the beginning of December, the maple and almond trees in this area begin to turn green from yellow to orange, red, creating an extremely romantic setting. 

Autumn Taiwan - Places to watch romantic maple leaves Photo: Flickr metamorfastudio

In addition, Nantou also has attractions such as Sun Moon Lake and Qingjing Farm in the fall, which is also beautiful, you can visit these places.

Caoling Historic Trail

Taiwan in the fall not only leaves red. Northeast of the island of Taiwan is famous for silver grass. As the silver grass bloomed, Caoling's historic trail appeared as a panoramic picture with a magical silver color. Light breezes and cool air fill the small valleys, swaying high silver and gold grass, the beautiful scenery will surely surprise you. According to experience, mid-November is the best time to go to the historic trail Caoling check-in with silver grass. 

Address: Caoling Historical Trail is located in the eastern part of New Taipei, extending into Yilan Province.

Autumn Taiwan - Places to watch romantic maple leaves Photo: Flickr taiwan_scenery_gallery

Throughout November, Mount Alishan will have beautiful autumn foliage because it is the season that the maple leaves change leaves. The orange-red hues of many shades mixed with the rising sunlight in Alishan create a very poetic scenery, well worth a visit. 
Alishan Forest, Chiayi

Address: No.59, Zhongzhen Village, Alishan Town, Chiayi County

Autumn Taiwan - Places to watch romantic maple leaves Photo: Flickr taiwan_scenery_gallery

Wuling farm

Wuling Farm has now become an eco-tourism area, maintained in the most natural way for visitors to experience. If you are looking for a quiet place to enjoy the autumn scenery with beautiful maple leaves, do not miss this destination. The best time to visit the yellow leaves is November - December.

Address: No.3-1, Wuling Rd., Heping Dist., Taichung City 424

Autumn Taiwan - Places to watch romantic maple leaves Photo: Flickr arlenehsu

Xizhi Beaconsfield Hall

Xizhi Beaconsfield Hall in New Taipei is one of the most popular places to see red leaves in the Taipei area. Founded in 1901, the hundred-year-old relics of the Qing Dynasty were built to worship Buddha Shakyamuni, Confucius and Lu Dong Tan. It is surrounded by more than a thousand maple trees, each fall, covered with gold leaves making the space become incredibly beautiful. The double arch bridge leading to the temple is an ideal place for visitors to take great photos.

Autumn Taiwan - Places to watch romantic maple leaves Photo: Flickr 99071144 @ N08

Shihmen Lake in Taoyuan

Shihmen Lake in Taoyuan is a popular destination to see maple leaves with Taiwanese believers. From Taipei, you can easily take a ride to Shihmen Lake in Taoyuan. The maple and almond trees here begin to change color and autumn is most pronounced around December.

Address: No.2, Jia-an Road, Fuxing Town, Taoyuan County

Autumn Taiwan - Places to watch romantic maple leaves Photo: Taiwan Tourism Bureau

Manapan mountain trail

From late November to mid-December is the best time to visit Manapan Mountain in Miaoli and see the red leaves. But if you miss the autumn leaves, don't worry, you can still go to Manapan in mid-January to see the beautiful plum trees.

Address: 264 Miaoli Country, Tahu Town

Yangmingshan National Park 

Yangmingshan is one of Taiwan's largest and most beautiful national parks. There are many species of plants, plants, alternately blooming and blooming throughout the four seasons. In particular, autumn is the most beautiful Yangmingshan season because the maple trees enter the changing season. You can take a bus from Taipei, which takes about 1 hour to reach Yangmingshan National Park. Come here, after wandering around picking leaves, checking in, watching the leaves, you can also take a dip in the hot spring to relax in a cold day to end the perfect trip!

Address: No. 1-20, Zhuzihu Road, Beitou District, Yangmingshan, Taipei City 11292.

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Taipingshan National Forest Recreation Area

In Taipingshan, red maple leaves appear year round, but autumn is the season of fancy purple maple leaves. You can rent a motorbike to freely roam in this area. In addition, there is a hot spring at the foot of the mountain, in the fall when the air is cold, immersing in warm water and watching the purple maple leaves and quiet space is nothing better.

Address: 267 Taiping Lane, Nan'ao Yilan County No. 1 of 58

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Autumn Taiwan travel experience

Prepare visa, change money before going

Taiwan uses Taiwan Dollar (NT $) currency. Depending on your needs, you can exchange Vietnamese currency into NT $ before you leave. No need to prepare too much as you can pay by card in Taiwan, you only need to prepare money for the train, food and shopping in the small streets. 

Weather Taiwan 

The climate in Taiwan in the autumn is similar to that of Northern Vietnam, the temperature is not too low, very suitable for wearing a thin coat, walking in the fresh, fresh atmosphere in the areas. the forest. 

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Book your flight early 1 to 2 months before the time to save money. In Vietnam, there are many airlines that have direct flights to Taiwan such as China Airlines, Eva Air, Vietnam Airlines, Mandarin Airlines, Uni Air, Vanilla Air, VietJet Air ...

After arriving in Taiwan, you can easily move from one attraction to another by subway, bullet train or bus. You can go alone or buy an Easy Card. If traveling to Taiwan for a long time, you should use the Easy Card by boarding the bus, taking the train just need to swipe the card very convenient, moreover and save costs than retail tickets. 

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Other places to visit

In addition to the above-mentioned places to see the red leaves, you can also visit other famous places of Taiwan such as Taipei 101 Tower, Tay Mon Dinh Street, Jiufen Ancient Village, Long Son Tu Pagoda, Duong Minh Mountain. , Penghu Islands ...

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Taiwan has a system of hotels and motels meeting international standards in big and small cities; and high-class resort centers on high mountains, or in hot mineral springs, or on the beach.


Taiwanese cuisine uses less fat and not too much seasoning. Taiwanese food has a variety of ingredients, diverse ways of processing, very delicious. Spend a lot of time enjoying all the delicious food here.

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When shopping at major shopping centers, foreign tourists are entitled to a refund of value added tax (5%) when bringing the goods out of Taiwan. When shopping at night markets, or outdoor markets, visitors can pay but not much; Most items are sold at the listed price.

If you intend to buy medicine, jewelry, gems or valuable items, you need to check carefully to avoid buying the fake goods.

The note when traveling to Taiwan

The streets in Taiwan are often very crowded, many people travel, important things you should not put in the same place, personal papers, money, phones should be stored carefully to avoid losing steal.

When you go to the airport, you should buy a sim card of the network operators in Taiwan to facilitate communication or use the internet in finding the way, watching the news.

Hotels in Taiwan often use a three-pin plug, so when you go, you should bring an adapter to charge electronic devices.

You should not smoke or litter indiscriminately in public places, especially where signs are banned because they will be punished because the laws of this party are quite strict.

Watches or phones you should also switch to local time for convenience as well as activities to visit tourism.