Beautifully beautiful lavender fields in Taichung

Where is the lavender field? 

You do not have to go to Europe to admire the beauty of the purple flowers. Just come to Tan Xa District, Taichung City, you can take hundreds of romantic check-in photos. This lavender field is one of the hottest destinations, most loved by tourists when visiting Taichung. It is planned into an eco-tourism area, with a flower growing area, a coffee shop and souvenir shop. 

Beautifully beautiful lavender fields in TaichungIn the flower field, there is a beautiful guitar arranged for tourists to take photos. Photo:

Since 2001, this tourist area has been well invested and built, serving the shopping sightseeing of visitors from everywhere. Destinations in Taichung are countless but the lavender field is full of purple is still the most favored place visitors to this city. 

What is special about this flower field? 

As a lavender field, of course this place is always filled with the purple of this noble flower. Normally, lavender will bloom in the early spring and summer. So, you can mentally prepare yourself for a few more months to visit Taichung and visit the beautiful lavender fields . 

Beautifully beautiful lavender fields in TaichungThe decorative miniatures in the field of flowers are all dreamy purple. Photo:

Not only lavender, the campus of this resort also has many different flowers. Strangely enough, they all have purple colors with all shades of light and dark. Perhaps, people want to plan this place to become a destination of dreaming and romance. When everything is synchronized in color. It is the gentle, gentle and poetic purple. Not only purple flowers, the decorative accessories within this eco-tourism area are also designed with the dominant purple color. From tables and chairs, menus, bags of dried flowers to teddy bears are all purple. All combine harmoniously, creating a unique quality for this Taichung destination. 

Beautifully beautiful lavender fields in TaichungYou will feel a fresh and cool atmosphere when you step into the flower field. Photo: internet

In the lavender growing area , it is skillfully arranged to add many beautiful small scenes for visitors to take many romantic photos. It was a grand piano in the middle of a purple field. These are wooden houses with a rustic, simple but very clean appearance. 

The souvenir meaningful 

Visiting this lavender field, you not only have the opportunity to take photos and check in the flower field. But you can also write down your wishes on a small pine tree on the resort site. 

Beautifully beautiful lavender fields in Taichung
This purple field is an ideal destination in Taichung. Photo: tugo

You can also sit in the cafe to enjoy some drinks, enjoy the fresh, cool space, with the slight aroma of flowers blowing in the wind. And for those who want to bring gifts to relatives and friends, the souvenir shop is the place you need to visit. It sells dried lavender , lavender essential oils, aromatic bags or perfumes. You can choose the most suitable ones for you.

The secret to taking beautiful photos in lavender garden  

Every visitor here also wants to bring lots of beautiful photos to bring back, can make memories, can show on social networks. So, how do you get the most artistic photos when taken with lavender? 

Beautifully beautiful lavender fields in Taichung
You can record your prayers and hang on a pine tree in the garden. Photo: internet

First, you should prefer wearing light-colored clothes, as opposed to purple. It could be white, yellow, turquoise, green, etc. The most beautiful is the white costume. Because in the middle of a frame with only purple, your white shirt and white skirt will have the opportunity to create prominence. Limit wearing purple, brown, black outfits, etc. to avoid the background of the lavender field. As a second note, don't forget to take advantage of the built-in context here. You can pose with the guitar, with wooden houses, ... to make the picture more beautiful and charismatic. 

Lavender is one of the flowers with romantic beauty, fragile captivating the hearts of travelers. If you love this flower but haven't had the chance to go to Europe yet, Taichung is a good idea to consider. 

Address: No. 20, Trung Hưng Road, Tân Xã District, Taichung City.