How to use Easy Card when 'touch' Taiwan

Traveling to Taiwan, did you own an Easy Card "miracle" travel card? If not, let's also learn about it and how to use this lovely, convenient, multi-functional Easy Card card.

Taiwan is not too large, but to visit all of the most beautiful landscapes throughout the country, thanks to the modern public transport system of the government. So today we would like to share with you how to use the Easy Card to freely travel around Taiwan with super super cost savings!

huong-dan-su-dung-the-easy-cardEasy Card - The magic card when traveling to Taiwan (Photo: Internet)

As one of the powerful tools for traveling to Taiwan, this tiny Easy Card allows you to use most of public transport. Not only that, you can also easily pay and buy goods at convenience stores, foodcourt centers at extremely economical costs. This detailed guide on how to use the Easy Card when traveling to Taiwan below will have everything you need to know about this magic card. 

First, to know how to use the Easy Card, you need to know some information about this lovely card, the Easy Card is the earliest card in the Pearl Island and is used by many people at many points. accept payment types such as MRT, TRA, Ubike, Bus, and some convenience stores, supermarkets also accept this Easy Card. This is a useful magic card for visitors to travel and explore Taiwan

1. Use Easy Card: Where to buy "em" when traveling to Taiwan?

buy-and-use-the-easy-cardYou can easily buy Easy Card at convenience stores 7eleven or Family mart (Photo: Internet)

True to its name, Easy - easy, you can easily buy Easy Card at convenience stores 7eleven or Family mart, the price is about 100TWD / card (75k). When finished buying, remember to top up to use. If you are traveling in the city one day, it is comfortable to load around 100TWD, and if you travel long distances between cities, you can load 300TWD 1 time. To top up, you can top up at 7eleven stores, or directly on some subway stations with the word Easy Card, ticket counter at the subway station. 

2. What is the effect of using the Easy Card when traveling to Taiwan?

One of the benefits of using the Easy Card is:

loi-ich-when-using-the-easy-cardThe Easy Card has many benefits for you to use when traveling to Taiwan (Photo: Internet)

- Take a bus, train, or MRT: With the Easy Card you can easily use all types of public transport available in Taiwan. 

  • For MRT Taipei, you get up to 20% off fares when using Easy Card payment. 
  • If you buy MRT at the machine in each stage, then 1 station calculates 20TWD, but if you use Easy Card, the cost is not worth much, sometimes 10 stations only cost 16-20TWD. 
  • TR long or short local trains and buses will definitely be about 20TWD cheaper. In one day visiting downtown Taipei, you only spend around 100TWD (75k) when using the easycard only. 
  • Especially, when you ride the bus, if you own this "magic" card, you will not have to waste money preparing any change. 

- In addition, another super convenient use of this lovely card is that you can also use it to pay for purchases at convenience stores such as 7eleven, Family mart, to the centers. foodcourt, shopping mall, ... 

thue-xe-dap-bang-the-easy-cardYou can also rent a bike with an Easy Card (Photo: Internet)

- Using public bicycles: Above all, if you do not want to travel by train, bus, ... but want to see the beautiful scenery along the road, there are public bicycles at every subway station. for anyone with an Easy Card. You can get a bicycle to run around, there is a quite safe bike line. However, if you go too far from the station, you can only rent a car for 20TWD / time. 

To register to use a bicycle, you can register in advance on Youbike, then just look up the Easy Card in the bike's construction column and return it to the column when you go back. Most of the locations where this car is booked are often found in parks and outside of MRT stations. 

3. Easy Card User Guide

huong-dan-su-dung-the-easy-cardEasy Card is extremely easy to buy and use (Photo: Internet)

How to use the Easy Card is also very simple, you just need to look up the card on the Easy Card card image when stepping on the bus and check again if not the next time using it will be error, similar to the train Underground. Every time you check your in and out card the card will show how much money is left on the card. Even if you run out of money, the card is still accepted when you check out, but with a negative account, you cannot check in on the bus or train but must continue to top up.

4. Benefits of using Easy Card when traveling to Taiwan

The benefit of using the Easy Card is that you can use all types of TR local buses and trains except for the double decker for sightseeing sights in Taipei. Buses in Taiwan have a rule that does not give customers money, so you must prepare the correct amount to put in the box and the bus driver will give the ticket, so using Easy Card does not worry about no change. .

Have you seen the great convenience of using Easy Card yet? Traveling to Taiwan, just holding this card in your hand, don't worry about moving and buying food at convenience stores anymore.