Top 6 Taiwanese autumn travel destinations are breathtaking

The period from September to November is when Taiwan enters these beautiful autumn days. In the humid weather, cool and pleasant ... could not hold my feet to explore the following beautiful destinations. Read the following article to find out the top 5 Taiwanese autumn travel destinations!

Autumn is probably the ideal time to make a trip to Taiwan, which is considered one of the most attractive destinations in the world. Thanks to the pleasant weather and breathtaking scenery, it will be a pity if you do not take the time to visit the following unique destination.

Nhat Nguyet Lake

Top 6 Taiwanese autumn travel destinations are breathtaking

Nhat Nguyet Lake is so beautiful in the autumn days, it makes visitors admire forever, the maple trees have gradually turned to brilliant red. Early in the morning, the lake seemed to be covered with a layer of mist, giving the space more illusory illusion, as if lost in a fairy-tale place.

Sitting on the boat to admire the beautiful nature in the pleasant autumn weather, all the tiredness and fatigue in you seem to disappear immediately.

Malabon Hill

Top 6 Taiwanese autumn travel destinations are breathtaking

Traveling to Taiwan in the fall, where to go? Malabon Hill is definitely not to be missed. Possessing a diverse ecosystem, Malabon Hill is very popular choice for visitors to explore, enjoy the scenery and mingle with nature, breathe the fresh air.

Besides the beautiful natural landscape, Malabon Hill is also a place for you to learn about Taiwan's history because it also contains remnants from the Japanese attack on Taiwan in World War II!

Shunde Waterfall

Top 6 Taiwanese autumn travel destinations are breathtaking

Autumn travel Taiwan where to go to fully feel the beauty of it? It is impossible to ignore the Decade Waterfalls, which is known as the Niagara of Asia, with a height of up to 20m and a width of 40m. The water was strong and swift, creating white bubbles from above, that majestic sight would surely make everyone marvel. On the autumn day, the maple leaves turn red and the peaceful lake surface captivates other travelers, leaving them unable to leave.

Alishan Forest Recreation Area, Chiayi

Top 6 Taiwanese autumn travel destinations are breathtaking

A place that any tourist would like to visit when traveling in Taiwan. The natural scenery here is always beautiful, but autumn is probably the best occasion to visit. When the maple leaves have begun to change their color to a vibrant red interwoven with the colors of the majestic mountains, the picture is so beautiful.

Duong Minh Son National Park

Top 6 Taiwanese autumn travel destinations are breathtaking

One more famous place that you should not miss when traveling to Taiwan in the coming autumn days is Duong Minh Son National Park. Like a colorful picture full of lively when Duong Minh Son National Park is covered with flowers and trees alternately blooming throughout the season.

Beautiful landscape, fresh nature and large space for you to enjoy the fresh air, all worries and worries about the sky. Especially when visitors can experience hot spring soaking to relax, regain energy for themselves.

Taipei 101 tower

Top 6 Taiwanese autumn travel destinations are breathtaking

With a height of 509.2 meters, Taipei 101 was the tallest tower in the world in 2004. The building is also the pride of the people of Taiwan and it is not exaggerating to say that your trip will not be complete. integrity if skipped this skyscraper.

The tower has a distinctive green color, the entire glass wall is enamelled and can block UV rays by up to 50%. Taipei 101 also owns a lot of facilities to serve tourists such as luxurious restaurants with seafood dishes, beef, traditional Taiwanese cuisine or hundreds of shops for you to shop and relax.