What does Taiwan tourism buy as a gift to make the most meaningful and unique?

Question: "What do tourists buy as a gift from Taiwan?" Perhaps the general concern of many visitors when coming to this poetic Ngoc island. So follow the article below to choose the right gifts for your loved ones and friends.

What to buy as a gift from Taiwan tourism? Check out the following list!

1. Taiwan Tea

Taiwan is famous for its typical sweet fragrant teas such as: O Long Bao Zhong tea, O Long Dong Ding, Nascent Bodhi, Alishan tea, Tieguanyin tea ... or cold tea also attracts many people to enjoy in time. recently.

Coming to Taiwan, visitors will have the opportunity to visit Namtou (Nantou) tea factory to enjoy oolong tea, green tea and learn about the famous premium teas of "Pearl Island" in particular and of the world in general. Therefore, if you have a tea lover in your family, a certain gift to buy when traveling to Taiwan is a dry tea box.


What to buy as a gift for Taiwan tourism to make sense and unique - oolong teaOolong tea is very popular with many people (Photo @ chalumi2018)


For a premium oolong tea, you can buy it at Lin Mao Sen Tea Co - the peanut maker at 195-3 Chongqing Road, near the Daqiaotou subway station, for between $ 1.96 and $ 120 a box.

If you love ruby ​​black tea with the harmonious combination of fresh tea, cinnamon, mint and rosemary or the sweet aroma of Assam black tea - a tea belonging to the Jaipuri family in Assam India, go to Sun Moon Lake. to buy it.


What to buy as a gift to Taiwan travel meaningful and unique - assam black teaDelicious black tea (Photo @oneteaspoonof)


2. Pineapple cake

Pineapple cake is the most famous Taiwanese specialty with a crispy crust, filled with cakes, and fat but not bored. Today, in addition to the traditional taste with mild sour pineapple, people also create more fresh and unique flavors such as cherry, blueberry, strawberry ... to serve the diverse needs of everybody.


What to buy as a gift to Taiwan travel to make sense and unique - pineapple cakePineapple cake sweet and fragrant (Photo @maiannchin)


So, if you are wondering what traveling to Taiwan to buy as a gift , pineapple cake is not a bad suggestion. In particular, this is one of the most famous sweets in the country, so it won't be hard for you to find a store selling it. 

Song, SunnyHills - the store right next to Minsheng Park, in Minsheng Street of Taipei City is the most recommended pineapple cake brand. Their cakes can be sweet in the summer and fragrant in the winter, with a very "chestnut" price from only $ 0.82 / box.


3. Jelly

Jelly originated from the Chinese imperial palace, then spread to Japan, and was combined with many unique flavors and flourished in Taiwan. The most famous here are Ngoc Ly and Suzhou jellies in Hualien, with a sweet piece of jelly, not bored, eating with a cup of tea is the best. Therefore, jelly will be a great dessert and body purification dish to make as a gift when traveling to Taiwan .


What to buy as a gift to Taiwan tourism to make sense and unique - jellyDelicious, cool jelly (Photo @ luxtip.id)


4. Taichung sun cake

Besides the pineapple cake, the sun cake or biscuits are also an attractive gift that you can buy for a sweet lover in the family while wondering what to buy as a gift from Taiwan .

This dish is produced by the bakery Chia Te Bakery - an old bakery brand that recently reopened at No. 88, Area 5, Nanjing East Road. It attracts many diners because of the flavor of the malt, soft cake, the smooth, crispy crust is divided into layers, bringing the sweet and fragrant feeling to the mouth, making people want to eat it all the time.


What to buy as a gift for Taiwan tourism to make sense and unique - sun cakeCrispy sun cake (Photo @my_zareena)


Taichung Sun Cake has many flavors for you to choose from: from salty taste like dried pork to sweet taste like green tea, with prices from $ 1.08 / box.


5. Mochi

If you happen to be in Taiwan during winter, don't miss the chance to experience the famous Yuan Xiao festival - where there are many delicious mochi cakes. 
The Taiwanese mochi is made from fragrant glutinous rice and stuffed inside with a sweet or creamy filling, absorbing a smooth white crust, which looks extremely eye-catching. It can be served in many ways, but is best enjoyed with hot soup for added flavor. 


What to buy as a gift to Taiwan tourism to make sense and unique - mochiSuper delicious mochi (Photo @lovinbherly)


If you want to taste this dish or buy it as a souvenir after your visit to Taiwan , you can go to Taiwan Mochi Museum at No. 3, Ziqiang Road, Nantou City, with prices starting from $ 6.54 / box. Moreover, here, you can also enjoy free mochi at the gate and learn more about the history of mochi.


6. Dried fruit

If you or someone close to you is a fan of fruit that loves healthy, healthy foods, then dried fruit is one of the cheapest but most delicious Taiwanese souvenirs you can buy.


What to buy as a gift to Taiwan travel special and unique - dried fruitLots of dried fruits (Photo @baonguyetshopvn)


In particular, Nam Mon Market is located at No. 8, Zone 1, Roosevelt Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, where to buy delicious snacks such as dried fruits, from mangoes to bananas, even vegetables. 

Although it is not a high-end market, you can rest assured that all the products here, especially the food are genuine, with extremely favorable prices, only from 1 USD / item. .

7. Plum wine 

If you are having a headache thinking about what to buy as a gift for the best friends in Taiwan , craft beers or alcoholic beverages are not a bad choice. What is more interesting than that, after playing a life in Taiwan, returning to "dating" with friends while drinking and confiding in heaven and on earth below.


What to buy as a gift to Taiwan tourism to make sense and unique - plum wineUnique plum wine (Photo @ r1n4_ch4n)


Accordingly, plum wine or rice wine is one of the popular wines in Taiwan that you can buy as gifts, and the most recommended place is Sweet Charm Farm at 196-65, street. Donglan, Dongshi District, Taichung City, for about 10 USD, because you can taste it before deciding whether to buy it or not.


8. Yuchun Sake 

Like Vietnam, Taiwan is where you can find a lot of rice fields all over the country, of which Penglai rice is the oldest and most commonly grown rice, since the Japanese rule over Taiwan. 

Pure Yuchun sake must be obtained from the best Penglai rice from Taiwan and fermented for three to six months under low heat. Then, when you open the bottle, the rich fruity aroma of the sake will fill the air, and at the same time the flavor will be smooth and rich in the aroma of rice.


What to buy as a gift to Taiwan tourism to make sense and unique - sake yuchunYuchun sake (Photo @ urban_.woman)


You can find the sake brand Yuchun at most convenience stores and supermarkets in Taiwan for around NTD200 ($ 7) / 600ml bottle, but if you want to buy the purest wine in color bottles In green, go to the local Taiwan Tobacco & Alcohol Corporation (TTL) store to find and buy.

To reveal, the best way to use Taiwan Yuchun Sake is with cheese, eggs or grilled meat. It is sure that this Taiwanese souvenir  will make you fall in love with "headlines".


9. Taiwan ceramics

Beautiful Taiwanese ceramics are a great Taiwanese gift to decorate your home. Among them, the most famous is Yingge ceramics - the home of pottery on this island with top quality ceramics, from home appliances to artworks or ceramic collections can make tourists feel comfortable. satisfied guests.


What to buy as a gift to Taiwan for tourism unique and meaningful - ceramicsThe works are very impressive (Photo @thegeekytraveller)


Or Shueili ceramics - where gathering and dividing into many different materials such as wood and clay materials, combining all three elements of water - fire - earth to create high quality ceramic products. The price of this product falls to about 3.27 USD.