Get lost in Ximen Dinh - the culinary paradise of Taipei

From the famous night markets to the culinary treasures set in the humble shops in Ximending, Taipei is globally recognized as a culinary paradise and a "wonderful" dream of many. guest.

If you do not have much time in Taipei , you can still explore the culinary world here without having to go too far. Tay Mon Dinh is a bustling neighborhood with the most typical dishes in Taiwan.
What to eat in Ximending: 14 famous places to eat in TaipeiTay Mon Dinh attracts millions of visitors. Photo: Baomoi.


What do you know about Ximen Dinh?

Ximen Dinh also called Harajuku of Taipei, is shopping the most famous radio speaker n with numerous shopping centers flashy, furniture crafts toxic strange and bars bearing the culinary elite .

Ximending is like the epitome of Taipei culture, it is said to be one of the must-visit places for first-time visitors to Taiwan. It also has Taiwan's largest pedestrian street, located just outside Ximen subway station (exit 6).

What to eat in Ximeneting: 14 popular places to eat in Taipei
Ximending is the most visited destination in Taipei. Photo: TripZilla.

The best time to explore Ximending is at sunset. When the sun goes down, neon lights gradually appear, replacing the sun and creating a bustling bustling neighborhood. In addition, Tay Mon Dinh regularly has street performances, many shops selling delicious fast food and unique souvenirs, and excellent check-in points. But most importantly, Ximending is also the place where you can discover the full essence of Taipei's cuisine in the fastest way!

The legendary culinary trio

1. Hot-star Fried Chicken Steak

Chances are, you've seen a check-in photo with a friend's Hot-star Fried Chicken Steak who has been to Taipei. Hot-star Fried Chicken Steak is one of the three legendary dishes in Ximen Dinh in particular and Taipei in general. 

What to eat in Ximeneting: 14 popular places to eat in Taipei
It's not hard to find these types of check-in with the full-size chicken steak at Hot-star Fried Chicken Steak. Photo: Tiny Urban Kitchen.

Located on the intersection of Nga Mi Street and Han Trung Street, this trendy eatery serves a variety of fried snacks and snacks. But the most famous is the XXL fried chicken steak with a characteristic size larger than a normal human face. It consists of a soft chicken fillet that has been thinned and deep fried. It can take you at least 15 minutes in line to get an order, but it's worth it!

Price range: NT $ 70 for a piece of chicken.

Address: No. 104, Hanzhong Street, Wanhua District, Taipei City, Taiwan.

Opening hours : 12 noon - 10 pm daily.

2. Xingfu Tang (Pearl Milk Tea)

One of the famous culinary features that you must try in Ximen Ting is Xingfu Tang milk tea. It is adjacent to the aforementioned Hot-star Fried Chicken on the other side of Hanzhong Street. The menu is quite rich, there are even many unique options that you can only call at Xingfu Tang. However, if you come here for the first time, order the classic fresh milk with brown sugar pearls - one of the most famous milk teas in Tay Mon Dinh.

What to eat in Ximeneting: 14 popular places to eat in Taipei
Xingfu Tang. Photo: Pinterest.
What to eat in Ximeneting: 14 popular places to eat in Taipei
It is not difficult to understand the long line of people in line on Xingfu Tang. Photo:

Price:  from NT $ 65 

Address: 101 Hanzhong Street, Wanhua District, Taipei City, Taiwan.

Opening hours: 10am - 1am (the next day) daily.


3. Ah Zhong / Ay Chung Mian Xian

Ah Zhong Mian Xian has been famous since the 1970s, with only one dish sold as fluffy thin rice noodles (vermicelli or "mee sua") and rich broth. The typical image here is no tables and chairs, only a crowd of diners standing outside, just taking a sip that many people can judge as the best "mee sua" in Taiwan. The bowl of noodles is usually topped with coriander and the pork belly is soft but chewy. You can taste more flavor by adding vinegar, chili oil or garlic.

What to eat in Ximeneting: 14 popular places to eat in Taipei
Ay Chung Mian Xian. Photo: Daniel Food Diary.

Price: NT $ 50 for a small serving, NT $ 60 for a large serving.

Address: No. 8-1 Nga Mi Street, Taipei City, Taiwan.

Opening hours: 10am - 10:30 (Monday - Thursday), 10am - 11am (Friday - Sun).


Suggestions for an energetic breakfast

1. Yong He Soymilk

Discovering cuisine right from the start at Tay Mon Dinh is the joy of many gourmet tourists. There are quite a few different options. However, if you want to experience breakfast like a local, please go to Hankou Street, Section 2, also known as "Breakfast Street" of Ximending and visit Yong He Soy Milk shop - suggestion of most local people. 

What to eat in Ximeneting: 14 popular places to eat in Taipei
Light breakfast at Yonghe Soymilk. Photo: sylviathefoodie.

This modest shop serves many breakfast dishes that you must try when coming to Tay Mon Dinh such as: steamed cakes; pancake; Scallion; "Dan bing" (Chinese crepe), "fan tuan" (breakfast rice roll); .. Anyway, you should try the "dou jiang you tiao" combo (warm soy milk combined with quiche) no matter what. fried). Especially when the dish is crispy just coming out of the oven.

The store is not very big and seats are limited. You may have to share the table with a stranger. In addition, Yong He Soymilk is extremely popular so it is often crowded. It's best to grab the menu and decide what you want before going to the counter to order to avoid waiting in line for too long.

Price: Average from NT $ 40 (SGD 1.80) / meal.

Address: No. 30, Zone 2, Hankou Street, Kaleidoscope District, Taipei City, Taiwan.

Opening hours: 5:30 to 11:30 daily.


2. Tian Tian Li Lu Rou Fan (Braised Pork Braised Rice)

One of the suggestions for you when coming to Ximen Dinh is "lu rou fan", a simple set of rice with fragrant braised pork. It is relatively cheap, can be eaten with stir-fried vegetables or simply eaten on its own. 

What to eat in Ximeneting: 14 popular places to eat in Taipei
Famous rice dish at Tian Tian Li. Photo:

There are many stores selling "lu rou fan" in Ximen Ying (or Taipei in general). Most are located in hidden corners, hidden in small alleys on Han Trung Street, but not difficult to find. One of the restaurants famous for this cuisine is Tian Tian Li. You can order an egg yolk or whole egg omelette to try a whole new flavor. Alternatively, if you've visited Tian Tian Li, try adding the restaurant's famous oyster omelet (oh-chien) and turnip cake.

What to eat in Ximeneting: 14 popular places to eat in Taipei
Tian Tian Li. Photo: The Travel Mentor.

Price: From NT $ 25 (without eggs) and NT $ 35 (with eggs) or more.

Address: No. 1 Lane 32 Han Trung Street, Wanhua District, Taiwan.

Opening hours: 9h30-10h30 from Tuesday to Sunday, off Mondays.


3. Niou Dien beef noodles

Beef noodles in Taiwan are so popular that you can find versions of cup noodles around the world. However, nothing can beat a bowl of "niu rou mian". Although it won't be too difficult to find a beef noodle shop in Ximen Dinh, if you can only visit a beef noodle shop, look for Niou Dien Beef Noodles.

Located on Kunming Street, a few blocks from Ximen MRT Station, Niou Dien Beef Noodles is one of the most popular restaurants in the area for its signature beef noodle dish. Chewy noodles (slightly thinner than udon) combined with a rich broth individually formulated and topped with tender beef steaks will all enlighten your taste buds.

What to eat in Ximeneting: 14 popular places to eat in Taipei
Niou Dien beef noodles were included in the Michelin Guide. Photo: Eat Till Yummy Full.

You may not know, Niou Dien beef noodles are so famous that it was included in the "Michelin Guide" in 2019. However, a minus point is that the price here is more expensive than other shops in the area.

Price range: From NT $ 170 onwards.

Address: 91 Kunming Street, Wanhua District, Taipei City, Taiwan.

Opening hours : 11:30 - 2:30, afternoon 4:30 - 9:30, from Tuesday to Sunday; closed on monday.


The quintessence of Taipei cuisine is hard to ignore

1. Ximen Hang Ma Ji (grilled Mochi)

When it comes to Taipei cuisine or Ximending's cuisine in particular, it would be a mistake to ignore street food. Specifically, Ximen Hang Ma Ja with grilled Mochi. From the name you can easily imagine this interesting dish. The soft mochi is grilled to perfection and topped with a variety of flavors ranging from cheese, peanuts to sesame filling and simple powdered sugar. 

What to eat in Ximeneting: 14 popular places to eat in Taipei
Grilled mochi - a street food not to be missed in Ximending. Photo: TripZilla.

The feeling of the crunchy crust melts in the mouth and immediately comes the soft, creamy mochi inside that is quite strange and delicious. The restaurant is located in a small corner on Nga Mi street, however, you can easily find it with red lanterns on the ceiling.

Price range: NT $ 40 

Address: No. 49, Nga Mi Street, Wanhua District, Taipei City, Taiwan.

Opening hours : 1 pm-11pm daily.


2. Prince Cheese Potatoes

Just a few doors down from the grilled mochi shop is one of the must-try foods when coming to Ximending - Potato Phomai Prince. The dish is quite simple: smooth soft potatoes decorated with various toppings like ham, bacon, corn, eggs and many more options, and finally topped with a large amount of melted cheese that looks filled interesting.

What to eat in Ximeneting: 14 popular places to eat in Taipei
Potato Phomai Prince was checked-in on the street. Photo: Instagram.

Having appeared on a number of famous Taiwanese culinary shows, Phomai Prince potato has become the quintessence of Ximen's culinary culture for many years. The combination of the creamy cheese and the soft potato is so wonderful, you will definitely love this delicious treat from the first try.

Price range: From NT $ 70

Address: No. 49-3, Nga Mi Street, Wanhua District, Taipei City, Taiwan.

Opening hours : 1pm -12am daily.


3. Ji Guang fried chicken

"Another chicken shop ?!" - Yes, but instead of the typical human face size XXL fried chicken, Ji Guang is famous for her medium sized popcorn chicken.

What to eat in Ximeneting: 14 popular places to eat in Taipei
A medium sized popcorn chicken set. Photo: Klook.

Chicken is marinated in more than 10 different spices, then deep fried in oil, making it the perfect snack to take while walking around. In addition to fried chicken, Ji Guang also serves fried squid and trumpet mushrooms. You can order a variety of menu items to complete your meal. In particular, the restaurant is located just outside Ximen subway station exit 6, opposite H&M so it's easy to find.

Price: From NT $ 75 

Address: No. 121-1, Hanzhong Street, Wanhua District, Taipei City, Taiwan.

Opening hours: 11:30 am - 11pm daily.


4. Food Corner, lane 34, Hankou street

Taiwan has no shortage of famous bustling night markets near and far, however, when coming to Ximending, you must definitely visit the street food corner at Lane 34, Hankou Street (paragraph 2). 

When walking down Hanzhong Street, just find a large Uniqlo store on the left and turn a corner when you see it. Arriving there after 7:00 pm, you will find a few vehicles selling various Taiwanese snacks such as a beautiful flaming beef block; Grilled lobster tail and the infamous rotten tofu. 

What to eat in Ximeneting: 14 popular places to eat in Taipei
A glimpse of Taipei cuisine on Han Trung Street. Photo: TripZilla.

A suggestion for first-time diners is chicken garlic. There are many different flavors to choose from, but you should probably try the original recipe first. Fried chicken is infused with spices, coriander, chives and lots of garlic, the delicious scent appeals to anyone passing by. 

Price: Average from NT $ 50

Address: Hankou Street Section 2 Lane 34, Wanhua District, Taipei City, Taiwan.

Opening hours : 7:00 pm onwards.

Classic desserts

1. Ximending Mango Shaved Ice

Ximending Mango Shaved Ice is the most famous store in the area (even Taipei) with its mango shaved ice - great suggestion for desserts. Here, people are so passionate about fresh mangoes that, wherever you go, you can find a dessert with mango as the main ingredient. In addition, Ximending Mangp Shaved Ice also has many other options for you such as strawberry shavings or waffles, ..

What to eat in Ximeneting: 14 popular places to eat in Taipei
Delicious mango shaved ice at Ximending Mango Shaved Ice. Photo: Living Nomad.

Price: Average from NT $ 200

Address: No. 17, Hanzhong Street, Wanhua District, Taipei City, Taiwan.

Opening hours: 10am to 11pm daily.


2. Yongfu ice cream

While in Ximending, you must definitely visit Yongfu Ice Cream. This is the most famous traditional ice cream shop in the city. It has been in operation for 70 years now.

What to eat in Ximeneting: 14 popular places to eat in Taipei
Check-in Yongfu Ice Cream. Photo: Instagram.

Ice Cream at Yongfu Ice Cream is 100% handmade. There are other choices of flavors such as peanut, taro, passion fruit, along with classic flavors like vanilla, chocolate, etc. What makes Yongfu ice cream stand out is the taste is not as sweet as regular ice cream because Get rid of some sugar. Instead, more focus is on the natural flavors of different ingredients. 

Price range: NT $ 50 

Address: No. 68, Zone 2, Guiyang Street, Wanhua District, Taipei City, Taiwan.

Opening hours: 10am - 10pm daily.


Tay Mon Dinh culture

1. Ximen Modern Toilet Restaurant

Why is Ximending considered the Harajuku of Taipei? While walking along Han Trung Street, you can meet many unique fashion shops, new souvenir shops, .. And especially, you definitely have to visit a culture of Ximen Dinh - restaurant Ximen Modern Toilet. 

What to eat in Ximeneting: 14 popular places to eat in Taipei
Ximen Modern Toilet Restaurant stands out on the street. Photo: Going Somewhere Slowly.

As its name suggests, the restaurant serves a rather "unique" style. The food is placed in a ceramic bowl shaped like a toilet and the diners sit on their own "thrones" while waiting. Most people come here to take check-in photos rather than because of the food. But if you are wondering about the menu, the restaurant serves Asian dishes, Western dishes and hot pot dishes. Although the cuisine is not outstanding here, but the food is nothing to complain about.

What to eat in Ximeneting: 14 popular places to eat in Taipei
New image at Ximen Modern Toilet Restaurant. Photo: Travel and Lifestyle Diaries.

Price range: Average NT $ 100 for dessert; NT $ 270 for meals.

Address: 2F, No 7, Lane 50, Xining South Road, Wanhua District, Taipei City, Taiwan.

Opening hours: 11:30 am - 10:30 pm daily (service hours vary by day).


2. LGBT bar area after Red House 

One of the most iconic buildings in Ximending is the Red House, a theater that regularly hosts live shows throughout the week. However, that is not the most remarkable thing. As many people do not know, Taiwan is the first Asian country to legalize same-sex marriage in 2019. And the bar area behind Red House is home to most of the LGBT community. Do not be shy when you are not part of this community because it is not forbidden to "non-believers" here.

What to eat in Ximeneting: 14 popular places to eat in Taipei
Behind Red House are a series of bustling bars for the LGBT community. Photo: Thegaypassort.
All the bars are located next to each other. Each has its own theme, is decorated with colorful LED lights and has outdoor seating. All have created an atmosphere nowhere to be.

Price: Average from 300NT $ 

Address: Behind Red House Ximen (Ximen MRT Station exit 1).

Opening hours : 6 pm onwards.