The delicious food in Taichung captivates travelers

Milk tea

Everyone knows that Taiwan is the "cradle" of milk tea with all kinds of pearl milk tea, with different flavors from traditional to modern. And Taichung is also a famous city with many milk tea shops with a long history. When traveling here, you will find milk tea that is sold everywhere, from small roadside shops, night market areas to luxurious restaurants. If you do not know what to eat in Taichung , you should drink before a glass of milk tea "ballast". And then enjoy the other delicious dishes. 

The delicious food in Taichung captivates travelers


This is the oldest milk tea shop in Taichung, famous for its traditional pearl milk tea. Photo: djajakusuma

The oldest milk tea shop in Taichung is Chun Shui Tang. It was this shop that created the bubble tea and made it one of the   delicious delicacies in Taichung captivating travelers. Milk tea in the bar is traditionally processed with a rich sweet and fatty milk flavor and a delicious aroma when drinking. Milk tea here comes in 2 sizes: size S (330 ml) and size M (600 ml). When buying, you can make requirements such as less sweet, less ice, ... depending on preferences.

The delicious food in Taichung captivates travelers
You can request less sugar, less ice depending on your taste of enjoying milk tea. Photo: chunshuitang_venusfort

Address: No. 30, Siwei Street, Taichung 


Spicy hotpot

On cool evenings, enjoying a hot and spicy dish is the best thing for visitors. And spicy hotpot is one of the delicious dishes in Taichung that you should plan to enjoy. The spicy hot pot, also known as mala hotpot, brings bold Taiwanese cuisine with a spicy, rich taste. 

The delicious food in Taichung captivates travelers
Cool evenings in Taichung are great for enjoying this hot and spicy mala dip. Photo:

The difference of mala hotpot is in the composition with more duck - something rare in the sour and sour hot pot of Vietnamese people. A mala hotpot will be divided into 2 parts of water, one side is a spicy hot pot and the other is a mushroom hotpot. Served with mala hotpot is thinly sliced ​​beef, mushrooms, sausages, squid, salmon, wonton, raw vegetables, noodles and certainly no duck pieces. Go eat spicy hot pot, you should go in the evening or when you are very hungry, to feel more fully the taste of this hotpot. 

Address: Gushen View Restaurant


Braised pork leg

This dish is definitely for those who love to eat meat, especially pork. In Vietnam, you probably eat a lot of dishes made from the feet of spring rolls. But have you heard of the braised pork leg dish? This is a delicacy in Taichung that many enthusiastic visitors review after each trip. 

The delicious food in Taichung captivates travelers
Braised pork leg with white rice is an attractive dish in Taichung. Photo: Internet

Pork legs are stewed for hours with spices such as wine, pepper, fried onion, soy sauce, salt, ... When eating, the pork leg meat is soft, tough but not broken and has a rich aroma. Braised pork leg is only really delicious when the bone is easily removed from the meat and the meat is not too soft. If you don't know what to eat in Taichung , you can enjoy this dish along with white rice.

Address: 560, Section 1, Taiwan Boulevard, Central District


Danzai noodles 

Although there is no shortage of noodles in Vietnam, when traveling to Taichung, you should also once enjoy danzai noodles. Interestingly, this danzai noodle dish has a history of up to 100 years, becoming a delicacy in Taichung that every visitor wants to try once. 

Danzai noodles have a broth made from shrimp, giving a sweet taste and special aroma. The noodles used to make this dish are golden and large in size. In addition to broth made from shrimp, this noodle dish also has fresh shrimp, minced meat, served with bean sprout and a little coriander for added flavor. 

The delicious food in Taichung captivates travelers
This danzai noodles has a history of up to 100 years. Photo: hkfoodcrave

In Taichung cuisine, danzai noodles are a long-standing traditional dish favored by locals and visitors alike. Therefore, this dish is not only available in luxurious restaurants but also in many night markets. 

Address: Phung Giap Night Market 


Ice cream in Miyahara 

This is a food that everyone loves, whether adults or children. So when you come to Taichung, don't miss the chance to enjoy all the best ice creams in Miyahara. Ice cream here has many different flavors for customers to choose. From vanilla ice cream, chocolate ice cream, strawberry ice cream, mango ice cream, butter cream, ... to unique and unique ice creams that are only available in Miyahara. That's why this ice cream dish became a delicacy in Taichung , loved by visitors. 

The delicious food in Taichung captivates travelers
In Taichung, how can one miss the ice cream in Miyahara? Photo: ren.numadau

Address: No. 20, Zhongshan Road, Central District, Taichung 

Taichung cuisine is not only encapsulated with milk tea, spicy hotpot or creams, but also countless other dishes. But the above dishes are the most typical, consistent with the most Vietnamese taste that you should try if you have the opportunity to travel to this city.