Traveling to Taiwan: There is a beautiful Alishan like that

Alishan - a picture of time forgotten?

Alishan is a majestic mountain range located in Central - Southern Taiwan, including more than 20 peaks with altitudes above 2000 m above sea level. In particular, Dai Thap Son is the highest mountain with an altitude of 2663m. The name "Alishan" probably originated from "Alit", a word in the language of some Taiwanese aboriginal tribes meaning "Mount An".

Not too much when we can consider Alishan, Taiwan as an elusive place to walk on earth. Coming here, visitors will have a new experience that is walking in the clouds. The low-hanging clouds in Alishan make it feel like you are walking in the clouds.

Traveling to Taiwan: There is a beautiful Alishan like that

According to the sharing of Taiwan travel experience of some tourists, your trip will not be complete without watching the sunrise and sunset on Alishan mountain range, because this is one of the fairies. Stunning scenes not to be missed.

As dawn rises, the early rays of the sun begin to illuminate the night, piercing through the clouds and the morning dew. At this time, Alishan seemed to put on an intense vitality. But when sunset falls, the whole mountain range becomes gentle, poetic in the afternoon sun, spreading gently like a scent of honey like smoke.

Going deeper to explore Alishan , Taiwan tourists have the opportunity to enjoy the charming scenery of two beautiful lakes lying next to each other, which is the Sister Ratio Lagoon. Why does the lagoon have such a name? Let's hear about this place.

Traveling to Taiwan: There is a beautiful Alishan like that

According to legend, the day there were two tribal sisters in the mountain area of ​​Alishan in Taiwan, they voluntarily sacrificed jumping into the lake to try to save the tribe from the invasion of other tribes. After the two sisters died, any enemies who invaded and passed through the lake were raised and surrounded by the water, preventing them from moving on. And the name Dam Ty Muoi was born from that.

Alishan is also famous as a beautiful cherry blossom viewing spot in Taiwan. Around March to April every year, the cherry blossom petals begin to bloom and compete brilliantly throughout the Alishan Mountains. This is also a great time for Taiwanese tourists to visit Alishan.

Admire the aroma of Alishan on the train

Traveling to Taiwan: There is a beautiful Alishan like that

Alishan, Taiwan is also famous for its unique high-mountain train route. Coming to Alishan , visitors should catch the train to go around the mountain. The reason, by train, visitors can admire the beautiful scenery of the completely new Alley mountain range.

Coming here, one can admire the majestic and beautiful scenery of Alishan. From Chiayi at an altitude of 30 m to Zhushan Station at an altitude of 2451 m (the highest station in Taiwan), visitors will experience a variety of altitude-distributed landscapes; Three types of forests (tropical forests, subtropical forests, temperate forests) can be found on the entire railway ... The railway here uses special climbing methods: spiral route, horseshoe road and many sections. zigzag ... Among them, the spiral line is among the highest mountain railway in the world, has four laps, and the last one is a roundabout.

Traveling to Taiwan: There is a beautiful Alishan like that

It is said that the railway crossing Alishan mountain has a history of more than 100 years, was built by Japan in 1899 to transport timber down the mountain. Today, this railway line serves Taiwan tourists when visiting Alishan.

“Alishan Forest Railway is an invaluable cultural heritage bestowed by nature on tourism in Taiwan. Therefore, the mission to preserve this landscape not only serves for sightseeing but also to promote our valuable long-standing cultural values ​​", said Mr. Tang Yu-chin, the spokesperson for Don railway manager Alishan, AFRCH said.

Traveling to Taiwan: There is a beautiful Alishan like that

Mr. Hsu Chao-huo, this year 87-year-old volunteer at the small gallery at the station Shizilu "I lived on A Ly Son nearly all his life. The mountain offers fresh air and helps us feel feel really good ".

Experience the most unique high-mountain train route on the planet, tourists not only fully explore this place but also fall in love with the magical fairy tale between the beautiful land of Taiwan.

Those who love to explore, can experience one of the most wonderful walking routes about 1.6 km long, named Thuy Son. The trail is hidden under the dense trees, covered with moss all year round, somewhere there are many ruins of ruins tinged with time to visitors to feel the sounds in the quietest place in Taiwan ...